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What's Your Challenge?

There are many challenges that you could be facing when managing your IT systems. These could be:

  • Reviewing IS / IT Management Controls
  • Providing management with assurance on key IS / IT activities / operations
  • The security and protection of key information assets
  • Provision of training for key IS / IT Management Controls
  • Compliance with relevant IT legal requirements e.g. Data Protection
  • Adherence to approved British Standards (BS7799 / ISO17799 & BS15000)
  • Completion of independent audits of activity
  • Procuring IT services in line with good practice and acknowledged project management methods
  • Governance of IS / IT provision and management

FIT Business Solutions can help. We have extensive experience of helping organisations manage their IT systems / services.

Below are some of the key challenges that could be affecting you right now.

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Your organisation's IT operations may not be operating within the law.
Legal Compliance
An IT solution that has been purchased is failing to meet expectations. You are having serious problems or it has failed.
IS / IT Procurements
The management / operation of IT Services / Facilities  are not in line with industry standards or recognised best practice.
Service Mgt.
Data / information that you hold or process is not adequately protected against potential security threats.

A review of your IT operations has highlighted some key issues and you are unsure how to address them.

You are concerned that your staff may not fully understand the organisationís policies, standards and procedures.
IS / IT Management
Awareness Training

IS / IT Healthcheck
Are you convinced that all risks to your systems and business data have been addressed?

We can undertake a review to provide assurance.
Obtain impartial advice in confidence.
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How FIT is
your IS / IT ?

A simple twelve point check. This will help you evaluate your current IS / IT management controls.

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