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Self Test
  Does your organisation pass our "FIT"ness IS / IT Check ?

These twelve questions should provide you with a quick self test on your IS / IT operations. If you are not directly responsible for this area of work, then pass it on to your colleague who is and ask them to complete and return it to you – it could make the all the difference to the “health” of your organisation.


Are you confident your systems and data used are protected from unauthorised disclosure / use and from external threats e.g. computer viruses? Y N
  2 Are all security related incidents / issues addressed satisfactory and are senior management aware of any significant outcomes? Y N
  3 Are you abiding by the Data Protection legislation and other relevant IT law e.g. copyright? Y N
  4 Are copies / backups of you systems, and data, taken regularly and held securely and that they have been sufficiently tested should they be required? Y N
  5 Are you confident that the approach being adopted for implementing systems are sound and based on recognised good practice? Y N
  6 Are any changes or upgrades, tested sufficiently to ensure systems and data does not become unavailable after changes are applied? Y N
  7 Is system and user documentation available to support the systems you use? Y N
  8 Are changes or problems to systems managed appropriately with records maintained and approvals by managers? Y N
  9 Are your IS / IT operations completed in line with recognised good practice and relevant codes of practice? Y N

Have you planned for any unexpected unavailability of your IT systems or services?

  11 Is remote access or support from third party suppliers putting at risk your business systems or data? Y N
  12 Are relevant contracts / agreements in place for applications and IS / IT services in use? Y N

What FIT Business Solutions can do for you

If you have answered "NO" to any of the above your crucial business IS / IT operations and the information / data processed maybe at risk.
We can help you overcome some of those risks.

  For a no obligation chat to discuss ways that you can ensure your use of IT is in perfect working order:
Contact FIT Business Solutions.

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