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IS / IT Review

The Facts

IS / IT ReviewThe independent review, or audit, of IS / IT operations is a key part of an organisation’s business management processes. Management at all levels will require assurance that IT service provision is being undertaken in line with any organisational approved policy, good practice and the law. In addition to this management have agreed to follow applicable industry standards e.g. British Standard Code of Practice for IT Service Management (BS15000-2), Information Security Management (BS7799) or recognised Project Management methodologies (Prince II).

Increasingly organisations / management find it difficult to effectively review their own operations internally, and therefore require access to specialists with appropriate knowledge and experience to undertake these reviews on their behalf in a cost effective manner.


Your Key Concern

As a senior manager, IT manager or Head of Internal Audit you are finding it difficult to identify an organisation with the relevant experience / knowledge to undertake reviews on your behalf. The types of reviews you require are:

  • A specific area of IT service activity where you have concerns e.g. Project Implementations;
  • Complete an independent review of a specific area e.g. Data Protection compliance; or
  • Undertake a programme of activity for the organisation e.g. an audit plan.
An Example Situation

The management board of the organisation is considering the adoption of the British Standard for Information Security Management (BS7799). However, it is unclear whether the current methods of operation are in-line with the approved standard. You have been allocated the responsibility to identify a suitable supplier to undertake a gap analysis of current practices and that identified in the approved standard. Additionally you need the supplier to provide you with a practical action plan, based on prioritises, for dealing with any shortfalls that may exist.

What FIT Business Solutions can do for you

FIT Business Solutions Limited have extensive experience and knowledge in undertaking independent reviews / audits for all types of organisations. We have extensive experience and knowledge, acquired over twenty five years, in completing reviews and providing management with proactive support to any identified problems. We will discuss with you your concerns and offer a structured way forward. This may take the form of:

  • Completion of an independent review of any specific area;
  • Providing detailed reports; including action plans based on priorities;
  • Presentations for senior management;
  • Presenting our findings in-line with the organisations own internal documentation
  • Assist you with addressing recommendations made by Internal Auditors or reviews completed by other agencies; or
  • Providing training to staff regarding Information Security and ways to minimise risk.

Key to our success has been the ability to provide management with support not only at the time of the review but also p ost assignment support and advice, where possible, as well as contacts at other organisations that provide other IT management services / expertise.

Key Benefits for You

There are a number of key benefits from contacting us. These are

  • The availability of a full range of IT management reviews and consultancy services.
  • A pro-active approach to the provision of services for our clients. It is our intention to add value to the work we complete both during and after completion of the work for organisation.
  • We are responsive to your organisations specific requirements and provide cost effective and appropriate advice
  • To provide individuals who will work closely with the client providing assistance and guidance on key issues relating to IT management controls / operations.
  • Helping you implement approved standards, best practice and where necessary relevant law.
  • Reducing risks to key IS / IT operations.
  • Finally our reviews provide excellent value for money.
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