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IS / IT Legal Compliance
The Facts

IS / IT Legal ComplianceFailure to meet certain legal obligations can result in action being taken against an individual or those responsible for compliance within the organisation.

Your Key Concern

You are responsible for IS / IT legal compliance but you have concerns that you may not be doing everything that you should be. You maybe uncertain about what should be done and other work pressures mean that you cannot devote time to this key legal requirement. In fact you may have attended a data protection course, or seen other information, and this has raised your concerns further that a breach of the law could affect you personally as well as the reputation of your organisation.
An Example Situation

A large public sector organisation had been audited regarding compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. As a result of this senior management needed assistance in implementing the findings of the audit, and to ensure all aspects of the law were being complied with.

The organisation holds and processes information, some of which is sensitive, about its customers / clients. This could be potentially harmful should it fall into the "wrong hands".

A key concern of senior management was that should they receive a formal enquiry or compliant they would be criticised for failing to complete even the basic level of work to demonstrate compliance. The latter can be subject to scrutiny by the Information Commissioner who has powers to stop data being used. This is not an option for a large public sector body. Furthermore senior management were also concerned that public confidence could suffer if information they provided was not being handled and protected appropriately.

What FIT Business Solutions can do for you

FIT Business Solutions have extensive experience of assisting organisations meeting their legal IT obligations. We provide the pro-active help to assist you with any concerns you have, and put in place appropriate controls to comply with the law. We will discuss with you your concerns and offer a structured way forward. This may take the form of;

  • Reviewing your current approach;
  • Examining specific problem areas;
  • Completing key tasks on your behalf; and / or
  • Providing training to staff involved with the law.
Key Benefits for You
  • You will have access to professionals who understand the key issues surrounding compliance with the Data Protection Act and other related IT law.
  • Have at your disposal our extensive experience / knowledge - over twenty years.
  • Provision of up to date advice.
  • You, and the other key stakeholders in your organisation, will have the assurance that the issues identified, either by you or as part of our work, will be addressed in the most practical manner.
  • To provide an individual who will work closely with the client providing assistance and guidance on key issues relating to IT management controls / operations.
  • Help clients develop their own skills in key areas.
  • Post assignment support and advice, where possible, as well as contacts at other organisations that provide other IT management services / expertise.
  • Finally you will find our fees are both affordable and competitive.
For a no obligation chat to discuss ways that you can ensure your use of IT is in perfect working order:
Contact FIT Business Solutions.
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