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IS/IT Management Awareness Training

The Facts

IS / IT Management Awareness TrainingAll organisation are dependent on their IS / IT solutions for everyday operations. If all staff are not trained they do not fully understand organisation’s policies, standards and procedures including recognised good practice. The risks are IS / IT operations are not undertaken appropriately to ensure your systems and vital data is protected and risks are minimised. There are also certain legal obligations you will need to ensure are complied with.

Your Key Concern

You are responsible for IS / IT Management but you have concerns that you, or your staff, may not be complying with best practice, or they are unaware of organisations policies, standards and procedures. In fact you know staff, within the organisation, have not been trained in the application of key IS / IT management controls and a recent review of IS / IT operations has highlighted the need to ensure training is provided where applicable.

An Example Situation

An IT Management controls review at a large organisation highlighted inadequacies in their approach to the application of recognised good practice when supporting applications in use by business areas. In particular the IT staff were unaware of significant risks that existed regarding the necessary checks to be completed with a range of support issues i.e. upgrade management, testing and problem / change control and housekeeping regimes. In addition to this end users are unaware of their responsibilities in respect of key issues e.g. IS / IT security and remote support of applications in use.

Management were alerted to the lack of awareness of their management polices, standards and procedures and how good practice should be employed. They appreciated that failures with key systems could lead to financial loss, public embarrassment and a loss of business.

What FIT Business Solutions can do for you

FIT Business Solutions Limited have extensive experience of the provision of training to organisations. We provide the pro-active help to assist you with any concerns you have, and delivery training needs for your organisation to put in place appropriate controls to comply with approved policies, standards, good practice and the law. We will discuss with you our approach to training and offer a structured way forward.

Key Benefits for You

There are a number of key benefits from contacting us. These are

  • Access to the knowledge and experience built up over twenty five years.
  • We are responsive to your organisations training needs / requirements.
  • Improved awareness of your policies, standards and procedures.
  • Helping you implement approved standards, best practice and where necessary relevant law.
  • The organisations performance is increased by better trained staff.
  • Risks to key IS / IT operations are reduced.
  • Finally our training provides excellent value for money .
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