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IS / IT Procurements
The Facts

IS / IT ProcurementsThe selection and purchase of IS / IT services is key to ensuring that the correct and most cost effective solution is acquired by the business. The procurement can be either for full business solutions, single applications or the provision of full IS / IT services for an organisation. It is, therefore, vital organisations ensure appropriate methods of specifying, identifying, evaluating and managing the required IS / IT service. If good practice is not followed the risks are that value for money is not being achieved, expected benefits are not attained and the system does not work resulting in an adverse affect on the business, and potentially its profitability.


Your Key Concern

As a senior manager you are concerned that the purchase / implementation of an IT solution is not going as planned i.e. the project is costing too much, will not be delivered fully on time, if at all, or will not provide all the anticipated benefits to the business. Alternatively you found that the system implemented to date has failed to provide the benefits initially identified and is impacting on the performance of the business. In addition to this there were concerns that the organisation had no defined project management structure to support the successful implementation of the solution.

Increasingly, your management board are raising questions regarding the approach to the IS / IT implementations within the organisation, you need to assure them that the work is being done in line with recognised good practice. You need an independent review to be completed to evaluate the current approach and provide a view, and if necessary, additional advice on ways to improve.

An Example Situation

A large organisation had sometime ago gone to the market for the provision of a business critical IS / IT system. The approach to be adopted was to phase the application into the organisation over a period of time replacing the existing system. However, as the implementation progressed both management and users are raising issues regarding the usability of the application. Specifically, concerns are being raised regarding its use in the business areas, the availability of reliable output and the support received from suppliers.

A key concern for senior management is that the failure of this project may affect not only the organisations reputation but also prevent the successful implementation, and use, of the application long term. Also additional costs will need be explained and reported to the Executive.

What FIT Business Solutions can do for you

FIT Business Solutions Limited have extensive experience and knowledge in supporting the procurement of systems, assisting organisations in completing reviews of project implementations and addressing issues with project management with other clients. We provide the pro-active help to assist you with any concerns you have, provide independent review projects and provide solutions to any current problems the organisation may have. We will discuss with you your concerns and offer a structured way forward. This may take the form of;

  • Assisting with the procurement of IS / IT services / systems;
  • Reviewing your current project management approach;
  • Examining specific problem areas;
  • Competing key tasks on your behalf; and / or
  • Providing training to staff involved with project implementations

Key Benefits for You

There are a number of key benefits from contacting us. These are;

  • You will have access to professionals who understand the key issues regarding project implementations and the management issues.
  • Have at your disposal our extensive experience / knowledge - over twenty five years.
  • You, and other key stakeholders in your organisation, will have the assurance that the issues identified, either by you or as part of our work, will be addressed in the most practical manner.
  • Provide an individual who will work closely with the client providing assistance and guidance on key issues relating to regarding project management / implementation.
  • Help clients develop their own skills in this key area.
  • Post assignment support and advice, where possible, as well as contacts at other organisations that provide other IS / IT management services / expertise.
  • Finally you will find our costs are both affordable and competitive.
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