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Are you doing IT right?


Doing IT rightIT Services are now central to nearly all organisations. In order to provide maximum efficiency and effectiveness, IT must be aligned with the organisation's strategy and employ best practice in terms of management and processes.

All this and you're still expected to conform to appropriate standards and legislation.
  Our business principles are:
  • Support for good business management practices;
  • Offering you Sound advice on the areas where we have extensive expertise;
  • Provide practical Solutions to your business management problems where we have the skills to do so;
  • Use of our professional Skills in areas requiring development or any new operations, and;
  • Help your organisation achieve and promote the
    Self-management or review of your key processes.

The Benefits for your Organisation

Over twenty five years experience in the areas of IS / IT use and management controls / issues. We are a small company and this allows us to be flexible and responsive to our customers' needs and leaves us free from many of the bureaucracies associated with large organisations. As a result, the significant premises overheads borne by many companies will not be absorbed into our costs and prices. Therefore you will find our costs are competitive and provide value for money.


There are four distinct elements to our service:


IT Service Management Reviews

These focus on specific areas as required by your organisation. This can take the form of a formal audit of specific areas of operation, or the completion of specific management reviews of all or some of your IT management arrangements. We can analyse the systems you operate and advise you on how to improve the way they run and maximise the benefits of effective management control in line with recognised good practice and appropriate legislation.

Specifically we have provided clients with a full computer audit service. This has included the development of IT risk assessment reports and plans for future review work. A full list of computer audit related services can be provided upon request. In addition to this we provide IT Management consultancy on specific areas of expertise e.g. the Data Protection legislation.


IT Security Reviews

These examine a crucial area of activity for an organisation where the protection of business information is vital, both in terms of ensuring client confidentiality, compliance with the law (Data Protection Act1998) and the adoption of other recognised good practice / standards (BS7799 / ISO 17799 Information Security Management).


Providing Solutions

Addressing areas in need of improvement / development following an internal or external review. If you have been subject to a review we can help you implement any recommendation or advise on the specific design of the systems you need to operate. Specifically we have assisted a number of organisations with developing systems / procedures for dealing with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.



Courses and workshops for managers and staff, who may have little or no exp erience in IT, to help them meet the demands of a constantly changing environment. We have extensive experience as trainers and place a high priority upon it. In particular, we have developed a range of training courses to meet the needs of various types of organisations. To date we have provided IT management awareness training for non-IT staff, workshops on Information Security for end users and elected Members, as well as the provision of detailed and overview Data Protection Training.

The principle objective of our training approach is to ensure that course content can be adapted to the needs of any organisation. Where necessary courses can be developed to enable different levels of staff to obtain the level of training they require.

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